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Filipino Youth Growing in Christ

Extreme Saturday Jam: Jam-packed With Activities for the Young Ones Extreme Saturday Jam is named as such because it is, indeed, jammed with all sorts of activities.  It is also a casual gathering, a come-as-you-are weekly event.  Originally designed for the youth, the program is dynamic, interactive, and fun-filled. Of course, the message is the main part. But the attendees tend to come early and stay late due to the post-service activities and the bond that is formed among them. New attendees revel in the atmosphere of friendliness and fun. In turn, they bring their friends to experience this one-of-a kind atmosphere---one that is safe, positive, and encouraging.  Come and experience it, too---every Saturday starting at 10 am. You won't regret it.  Fun-filled teaching sessions that are practical, applicable, and life-changing Post-service activities: clean fun that builds lasting friendships

Praise & Prayer

The Power Of Prayer & Worship Every Tuesday night at 7:15pm, people come to our Center where they spend an hour and a half praying and praising God. As soon as we could talk in syllables, our parents teach us how to say our prayers, and rightly so. Even in our limited human understanding, we know that we need a Higher Being to help us get through life.  We pray for a variety of reasons.  We come to God with our specific requests, believing His promise that He hears our prayers. Our prayers are not in vain, even if we do not receive specifically what we asked for ( Rom. 8:26-27 ).  He has promised that when we ask for things that are in accordance with His will, He will give us what we ask for.  At Praise & Prayer, the congregation basically prays in unison and in agreement with one another. There are specific prayer points flashed on the screen for every area (church services, ministry teams, programs, projects, mission efforts, and even for our government, community, et

Still Expanding and Trying to Make Room for More

Making Room for Everyone "Everytime I come here, there's always something new!",  exclaims Ingrid, a senior college student on her semestral break from Ateneo.  And that is true about  San Fernando Christian Community Center.    The priority is people. SFCC makes sure that everyone is accommodated.  Not only that, SFCC ensures that everyone, whether a child or an adult,  feels safe and secure. After the Champion Kids' Hall expansion, the Building & Facilities Team are moving on to yet another project---the courtyard expansion. More space is being created to contain the throngs of people coming in all week, especially during the weekends.  It is the heart of SFCC to give quality experience for everyone who comes to visit.  The love of Jesus is communicated not only through the sharing of the Good News but through warm greetings, friendly smiles, firm handshakes, and sincere acceptance.  At SFCC, there is always room for everyone.    Clearing out to create mo

Building an Overflow Hall

A Good Problem God has been actively moving in the church. More and more people have been pouring in and filling up  the SFCC Worship Hall to the brim. Every service is jam-packed with people worshipping and jostling each other, elbow to elbow, but worshipping and singing their hearts out nevertheless. It's deemed a good problem. As an answer to what God has entrusted San Fernando Christian Community, there is a desire to accommodate the growing number of attendees. Thus, the aptly-named Overflow Hall is currently being built. With this, there will be more souls saved, more lives touched, and more new people to call family.  Above ground and reaching newer heights Doing whatever it takes to make San Fernando Christian Community a safe, positive, and encouraging environment for everyone Serving with gladness in their hearts for the Lord  The LORD your God has blessed you in all the work of your hands. --- Deut. 2:7  

Making Space for More Kids to Worship God

He Makes All Things New : Renovating the Champion Kids' Hall In recent years, the number of people attending the church in San Fernando  has increased steadily.  Even the Champion Kids have imbibed the 'inviting culture' of the church, bringing their parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and more kids to attend the services.  It is our desire to see families worshiping together and growing in God's love. Along with the Champion Kids' population increase, comes the need for a bigger venue to contain them.  Right now, the Champion Kids' Hall is under renovation. One room (formerly called the David's Room) and one bathroom was torn down to create a bigger space for the kids worship hall and other activities. An air-conditioning unit is being added, since the heat and smell had become simply unbearable.  The Building and Facilities Team are working round-the-clock to finish the project, so that the children will enjoy services and Fun S

A Mother & Son's Triumph

FREEDOM ENCOUNTER During our recent Encounter God Retreat, we saw the Lord move powerfully and acheive yet another victorious breakthrough. One significant breakthrough happened between a mother and her son.  For five years, Tess suffered from extreme depression, due to the death of her husband. The tragedy happened on Christmas day in 2009, when her husband was killed in a motorcycle accident.  Tess has since struggle to keep her head together, while raising the three kids left behind by their father.  Often, she would have crying bouts.  During attacks of extreme depression, she would hole herself in her room and just cry for hours.  Sadness could been seen in her eyes, with her faraway look; which did disappear even when she forced a smiled.  Her first-born son, Marwyn, took the loss of his father the hardest among the three siblings.  His grief manifested during his growing-up years through violent outbursts, skipping school, and general mis-behaving. Marwyn h