Making Space for More Kids to Worship God

In recent years, the number of people attending the church in San Fernando  has increased steadily.  Even the Champion Kids have imbibed the 'inviting culture' of the church, bringing their parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and more kids to attend the services.  It is our desire to see families worshiping together and growing in God's love.

Along with the Champion Kids' population increase, comes the need for a bigger venue to contain them.  Right now, the Champion Kids' Hall is under renovation. One room (formerly called the David's Room) and one bathroom was torn down to create a bigger space for the kids worship hall and other activities.

An air-conditioning unit is being added, since the heat and smell had become simply unbearable.  The Building and Facilities Team are working round-the-clock to finish the project, so that the children will enjoy services and Fun Sundays in a roomier, more comfortable, and safer place. Many have already contributed to make this plan come to fruition.  Some have contributed materials, additional funds, and manpower.

It's a good problem: the old Champion Kids' Hall---usually crowded due to an unexpected increase in attendees. 

He makes all things new: the Champion Kids' Hall on its way to a newer, better, roomier facility. 

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