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Souls Saved & Changes by Encountering God

Encounter God Retreat, April 17-18, 2014  . Another batch of Encounter participants excitedly hied off to the All Christians Pavilion Retreat  Center at Poblacion Santol, La Union.  After 5 weeks of Pre-encounter sessions, the  participants were eager for more.  And they did get more out of the 2-day Encounter God  Retreat. In fact, they got so much more.  So many lives were radically changed---hearts were  softened, minds were altered, and there was forgiveness all around.  Even the guides,  volunteers, and workers experienced a 're-encounter' with God. So many tears were shed as  pent-up anger, grudges, hurts, and sadness were released and left at the foot of the cross.   Everyone left the retreat venue with hearts emptied of excess baggage and filled with the Holy  Spirit.   Arriving at Santol S.O.A.P. Time (S-cripture, O=bservation, A-pplication, P-rayer)  Encounter sessions---emotion and spirit-filled . Lead me to t

Filipino Youth Experience Amazing G-Race

At the recently concluded "Amazing G-Race: Finish Strong", characters were radically shaped and molded into God's original plan.  The 3-day, activity-filled event was instrumental in touching the lives of each of the G-Racers as well as the volunteers and workers.

Preparing for the High School Harvest

The beginning of another school year draws near. In preparation, the Christian Community volunteers gathered at the La Union National High School for a 2-day clean-up drive. The  drive is geared towards creating an environment that is conducive to learning.   Louvie Magat: happy to serve   Louvie Magat, a volunteer and a father enthuses that he is happy to work for God.  "Ang Diyos ay gumagawa rin para sa atin, kaya masaya ako na maglingkod din sa Kaniya,"  he adds . ("God works in our lives and I am happy to work for Him, too.") Ma'am Banao, an Araling Panlipunan teacher, explains the purpose of cleaning up the school prior to the opening of classes.  "Kung maayos ang atmosphere, kung maayos ang silid-aralan, maayos din ang takbo ng isip ng mga mag-aaral." ("If we  have an atmosphere conducive to learning, the students will think more clearly.") "We want to create an impression that learning is fun!" Roxanne

Leadership School Graduation

The first batch of PEPSOL students celebrated a victorious finish  from the School of Leaders 1.  The School of Leaders 1 lessons are more on application of the things learned.  Participants are learning to not just embrace but to run with the vision of the church.  At the culminating activity, the participants had fun reminiscing about the exciting and challenging parts of the journey.  Most were challenged by the weekly book reports. Not everyone is used to reading one to two chapters per week but the sweet part was realizing that they have finished a whole book!  Ces Myra Mabalot, well-known as a woman with a strong personality, confessed that she may be fearless and outspoken in most areas  but has reservations when it comes to evangelizing and sharing her faith.  Thanks to SOL 1, she has overcome that fear---and how! She finished as the batch salutatorian. Truly, we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength!  (Phil. 4:13)   Ces Myra Mabalot finally overcomes