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Happy Birthday Jesus

2013-The Year That Was   It is only by grace that 2013 has proven itself fruitful.  Riding on the wings of pure grace, we breezed through the 12 eventful months without even realizing that another year is about to end.  What do we have to show for it, you ask. Is that really necessary? We do not work for personal gain nor for recognition. We cannot add to His finished work.  We have learned to work for the audience of One. Not that we aim to please in order to earn His favor.  What we have done for the past year, what we are still doing, and what we are about to do---we do it all for the glory of the One who came to redeem us from a doomed future.  And speaking of the future, we look forward to the incoming year with hopes of more blessings, more favor, and more revelation of Who He really is in our lives. Let's make 2014 all about Him---" f orgetting what is behind  and straining toward what is ahead,   pressing on  toward the goal to win the prize  for which God has cal

Expanding Territory

Expanding Territory The church facilities, also popularly known as the Champions Center, is currently undergoing an expansion of its grounds.  This is  to make room for the increasing number of attendees who come during the various services scattered throughout the week.  Aside from the services, another well-attended activity is the fellowship with one another.  This is usually held at the courtyard.   The jam-packed courtyard before and after the service After the services, members and guests get to know more about one another and simply talk. This is  the time where people share with each other how God has been victoriously moving in their lives.   The center is considered as everyone's second home.  Everyone is well-accommodated, accepted, and loved. It is a comfortable atmosphere that is safe, positive, and encouraging.  It truly is a body where Christ is the head.  Free snacks and free fellowship after the service Is it in your heart to h elp complete the courtya
Soaking Night of Worship-Ushering Us Into the Presence of God Every first Saturday of every month is Soaking Night---a night we dedicate to praising and communing with the Father.  It is a night packed with singing worship songs and just focusing on God's goodness and majesty.  When we worship, we become aware of God's presence.  All focus on our problems, on our excess  baggage , and on ourselves just melt away.  It was a meaningful and eventful night.  So many first-timers responded to the altar call and readily accepted Christ in their hearts.   Luke 15:7  states that    "there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent." Truly, it was a night of great rejoicing.  "Let us come before him   with thanksgiving      and extol Him with music  and song." (Psalm 95:2)  " He put a new song   in my mouth,      a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see an