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Evangelism in Philippines Public Schools

We purpose to share the love of Jesus to the Filipino children, teach them in the Word of God, and help them become establish in the Lord's church. We also pray that God will use these kids to bring salvation to their entire families. The doors have opened for us to reach out to the public elementary school very near our church Center. With the approval of the school's administration, there was an open-air gospel sharing at the school's playground, immediately after their weekly flag ceremony. The following week, volunteers went from classroom to classroom to distribute free colored booklets to each student. In the succeeding weeks, our kids Bible teachers have been teaching from a series of "values" lesson during the allotted class time given to us. Research has shown that if a person is presented with the Gospel message before the age of 14, they are 80% more likely to trust Jesus as Savior. This is precisely the reason we see the demographic window of 4-14