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Training Volunteers with Veteran Journalist Erwin Oliva

14 from SFCC's Media Team and other leaders were furiously taking notes, during a recent training. One of the country's top journalist, Erwin Oliva, presented a workshop via webinar last Sunday. The learning objectives were outlined below. Needless to say, all were inspired and gained a fresh, new vision for upgrading the way the church intends to write and produce news stories, blogs, videos, testimonies and more. ------------------------------------------------------------ What do you expect to learn from this? Practical “nuts-&-bolts” on how to “sniff out a scoop”. More particularly, how to write and produce “human interest” stories that highlight the people, ministries, special events and activities of the church that could be published on a blog, fb page, or newsletter. (Format: written articles and video segments) Who is the target audience of this training? Members from the Multi-Media Team of the church, and a few other small group leaders. (Total: 10

Mission Aboard the Logos Ship

San Fernando Church Partners with Visiting Ship The “Logos Hope” a humanitarian ship, carrying the world’s largest floating book fair has over 400 crew members from 60 different countries. The ship docked in the port of San Fernando for several weeks. Our church was able to partner with them and use their ship’s attractions to reach many people with the gospel. Well over 100,000 people visited the ship, with as many as 22,000 reportedly reached in just one day. Each day there were high-impact evangelistic events, both on board as well as in our church center and various mission outreach sites. Rotary Club Hears About Christ Tim and one of the directors of the ship emceed a special Rotary Club meeting, bringing in all Rotary Clubs in the province to hear the ships’ evangelist presen t the gospel. It was a rare opportunity to freely share the Lord with a captive audience of so many business and civic leaders. Receptive Hearts  Church leaders volunteered