Unforgettable Day of Water Baptisms

Unforgettable Day of Water  

22 Feb. 2015 (Sun.)

The fire of faith keeps burning as San Fernando Christian Community keeps up with God's vision for this church. After the recently-concluded umpteenth Encounter God Retreat, more and more souls are dedicating their new-found lives to Jesus.  In line with the culminating Family Fun Sunday celebration, a special Water Baptism Sunday was held at the SFCC grounds. The air was filled with resounding applause as one by one, people declared publicly their union with Jesus.

Josh Rogie May Bautista decided to be baptized to seal her citizenship as a child of Jesus.  She feels new, refreshed, and has left the weight of her past baggages behind.

Honorata Peralta is looking forward to her new beginning. After the Encounter, she is eager to start anew with her life with Jesus. "I feel and know now that I am really a child of God." She was so excited that she lost her balance jumping up and down at the pool. It would be an interesting anecdote to accentuate her personal testimony.

Cayetano Parreño, a barber by profession, has personally experienced the bath (cleansing), burial (death of the old self with Jesus), and the new birth (resurrection with Christ).  

Rizza Cariaga shares that the Holy Spirit has urged her have a deeper relationship with Him.  This led her to declare her commitment to Jesus. "Para kang nanalo sa Lotto na di ka naman tumaya. Para kang may sakit na cancer pero gumaling. Di ko ma-explain!" ("It feels like winning in the lottery without placing your bet. It's like having cancer that got healed altogether. I can't explain it!") 

It's always an emotional moment having a personal encounter with your personal Lord and Savior. To God be the glory! 

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