People Preparing to Encounter God

Build a better church and build a better future.  God is in the business of building lives, equipping each one and empowering them to live the life He has planned for them. 

How many lives have been changed? How may mindsets have been transformed? How many hearts have been cleaned out of useless debris and have experienced a complete overhaul? 

We are very thankful that God has led them into this new direction.  The PEPSOL Training has been running for almost two years now and the results and testimonies have been overwhelming. Arlene Mariñas Collado has been resistant to undergo the Pre-encounter training. But she confesses that all along, God has been melting her heart and has replaced her stubbornness with a desire to get to know God on a deeper level. Her son, Joseph, has gone ahead, and is now on his way to finishing the Post-encounter.  Teary-eyed with joy, he shares that during the worship part of the Sunday service, he could not stop crying. He is overwhelmed at the way that God is moving in their lives. "I am overjoyed that God is restoring my family. Now, we, including my relatives, are all here together, praising and serving God." 

Joshua 24:15 "But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." 
Mother & son Arlene & Joseph Collado: both undergoing PEPSOL Training. God is in the business of restoring families. 

"Getting to know God is a privilege that He gives to us."---Tim Warden
Mommy Arlene gets emotional during the post-discussion of the first day of Pre-encounter.

Ces Mabalot explains the 4 Wonderful Opportunities

Training hour is, indeed, a happy hour.  It is always a joyful thing to discover the things of God. 

Writing down precious nuggets of wisdom that comes from Him. A disciple never stops learning.

Post-discussion: the attendance for Pre-encounter is overwhelming. To God be the glory! 

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