Leadership School Graduation

The first batch of PEPSOL students celebrated a victorious finish  from the School of Leaders 1.  The School of Leaders 1 lessons are more on application of the things learned.  Participants are learning to not just embrace but to run with the vision of the church.  At the culminating activity, the participants had fun reminiscing about the exciting and challenging parts of the journey.  Most were challenged by the weekly book reports. Not everyone is used to reading one to two chapters per week but the sweet part was realizing that they have finished a whole book! 

Ces Myra Mabalot, well-known as a woman with a strong personality, confessed that she may be fearless and outspoken in most areas  but has reservations when it comes to evangelizing and sharing her faith.  Thanks to SOL 1, she has overcome that fear---and how! She finished as the batch salutatorian. Truly, we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength! (Phil. 4:13) 

Ces Myra Mabalot finally overcomes her fear, thanks to the SOL 1 training.

Lolit Basilio, a SOL 1 student who is in her early 50s almost gave up during the early part of the SOL 1 sessions.  She found it too difficult to read and turn in book reports week after week.  But she realized that she should not keep her focus on her weakness. She chose to rely  on God's strength and as she was about to do the processional march, she could not help but be overwhelmed.  

Lolit Basilio (center) focused on the goal and finished strong.

Rizze Panit, a graduating student during the duration of the SOL sessions,  had to juggle her time between accomplishing her school requirements and her SOL requirements.  Looking back, she could not imagine how she managed to do it.  It was all because of the desire planted in her heart to run with the vision whatever it takes. To her fellow graduates, she has this message: "Es tu turno!"  ("It's your  time to shine!") 

Rizze Panit: "Es tu turno!" ("It's your time to shine!" )

Vikki Buendia, a church worker,  had to budget her time between her work load and the rigorous SOL training.  She claimed that she would not have done it without God's grace. She believes not in grace under pressure but grace  above pressure.  

Grace above pressure

Roseann Gallardo, the batch valedictorian, invited everyone to expand their vision and to reach their maximum potential. "Let's expand our territories. Let's bring the nation to salvation. Let's live by grace, let's heal the sick, pray without ceasing, walk in love and in truth. Let's reign in life!  And don't miss every miracle that God is doing in your life."

The class valedictorian advises the crowd:  "Don't miss every miracle that God is doing in your life."
Tim & Bambi Warden congratulate the graduates.

Strong finishers. Congratulations, champions! 

Indeed, God is at work and cares about every detail of our lives. He wants us to reign, to maximize our potential, and to enjoy the benefits that Jesus paid for us on the cross. It is a gift. All we have to do is to receive it. 

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