More Colleges Hear the message


It was another activity-filled week as San Fernando Christian Community brought the True Love Waits campaign to the DMMMSU-MLUC Engineering Department and to Saint Louis College. The team shared their hearts and the bible-based principles about waiting for the right time and preserving one's sexual purity.  It was such a blessing to receive such warm and positive  response from the students.  Even in a world where media holds the biggest influence on the young generation, the Truth still prevails. 

Dhang Bumachi puts emphasis on the Truth that God and love can never be separated, since He is the True Source.

"Everything" by Lifehouse

The DMMMSU-MLUC Engineering students 

Francis Munar leads the audience in prayer

Bright future ahead---as long as we wait on Him.

The Saint Louis College students were greatly touched by the message brought by the campaign.

Mark Henry Munar advises the young crowd through a song, "Wag Na Muna".

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