Transforming Lives

We are living in the F.O.G. (favor of God). The first few weeks of the year has already proven eventful and fruitful. 

The Pre-encounter Class is on its last week.  It is like a preparation class before the Encounter which will be held on the 31st of January.  Already, the excitement is a-brewing.  Testimonies are being birthed as the participants attend and listen to a new and exciting topic every week. Abi Balanon shared that she suddenly found herself reacting differently to adversities in the workplace.  She used to fight back but recently, she was surprised that instead of her usual negative reaction, she started praying for those who hurt her.  She knew it was not her, but God moving in her life.  She shared that it actually felt a lot better than getting even.  She feels freer now that her focus is on God.  Charm Nisperos shared that she also started praying for peace in her work place and has since developed a better attitude when conflicts arise.  They both testify that they could not have done it by themselves.  It was only by God’s grace and power that internal changes have started manifesting in their lives.   They are thankful for the eye-opener---the Truth that they have learned all throughout the Pre-encounter sessions.  

These are just a few of the many testimonies.  There will be more as we go up the ladder of learning---the PEPSOL Academy.   There is no turning back.  Once you have encountered God, there is no other way to live but to follow Him.  And what a way to live under His wing and His protection!
Abi Balanon (center) during the post-discussion session.  She herself was surprised when she found herself praying for those who hurt her instead of fighting back.
Charm Nisperos has never felt freer when she found the secret to avoiding adversity in any environment she is in.  She simply prays and trusts God for the results.

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