Taking Christ to the Campus - True Love Waits

It's been more than a month since the True Love Waits Campaign has started and already the campuses are abuzz  with the tagline.  The practical, bible-based teachings, personal testimonies, and basic principles on maintaining purity before marriage has created such an impact on the young ones.  The crowds attending the campaign seminars have increased. There is also lot of positive feedback.  Lorena Jane Taeza, a junior at  DMMMSU-CAM, said that she was greatly inspired and did not regret attending the seminar.  "Di na po sana kami a-attend  pero na-curious kami.  Yung iba nga po gutom na pero okay lang kasi nakakabusog naman yung napakinggan namin,"  she quipped.  Matthew 4:4states that,  'Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God."  Hunger is not only a physical need.  More than that, there is a hunger for the Truth. San Fernando Christian Community aims to fill that need.  

 Rizze facilitates the ice breaker

The ice breaker winner gets a free True Love Waits music cd 

Serenading the DMMMSU-CAM crowd

Mark Henry shares his personal testimony:  "God has a wonderful plan for your future marriage.  He does not want it stained and tainted with your wrong choices"

Rhudalyn Bumachi shares that "True Love" is not found in man, education, money, etc. It is found in Jesus alone.

Pastor Tim presents bible-based principles on waiting for the right time.

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