Military Police Camp- A Receptive Mission Field

It was a jam-packed Wednesday.  No amount of rain could stop God's divine appointment with souls.  At 8 in the morning, the Moral Recovery Program Team (MRP) hied off to the PNP 1 station to hold yet another seminar, this time on financial management.  The title is "How to Be Rich with What You Already Have".  
There are so many lectures, teachings, and best-selling self-help books regarding the topic.  A lot of methods have been tried and tested.  But it all boils down to the Matthew 6:33 principle of putting God first in every area of your life.  Give to God the first and the best and He will make sure the rest will be blessed.  

Wealth is relative.  You could be making a lot of money and yet still feel discontent.You could be earning a minimal amount and yet feel that all your needs are being met.  Make the decision to involve God in your finances and recognize that He is the provider of everything you need.  He is on your side.  He does not desire anyone to experience lack.  He loves you too much.  

The PNP participants reciting the new motto, "Give to God the first and the best and He will make sure the rest will be blessed.  "

 The PNP attendees listen with interest on the topic

 Biblical-based tips on how to manage your finances

 The PNP take valuable notes

 Pastor Time presents his teaching with a very interesting visual aid

Sharing their own personal testimony regarding their financial management

 The Moral Recovery Program Team

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