Huge Turnout for Pre-Encounter Class

From a measly headcount of 4 registrants, the pre-encounter participants ballooned to a total of 82 in a matter of days! Truly, God is moving to consolidate the church and to make each member not just a member but as a leader and a game-changer.

The network and cell group leaders were really inspired to do whatever it takes to get everyone in their network to join the pre-encounter.  Eager participants were also proactive and came up with ways to produce the required registration fee.

R-jay dela Cruz's network sold 'taho' in between the Sunday services.  Joana Imperial's network sold 'lumpia'. Those who could afford it paid for their network members.

 It was such an encouraging and festive atmosphere that Sunday.  Victory is evident as the participants attended their first lesson that will truly change their lives.  Nobody who has ever gone through an encounter with God will ever be the same again.
'Taho for a Cause'---R-jay dela Cruz's network raised enough funds to accommodate all the participants in their network.
Praise and Worship---already you can feel the victory in the lives of the participants.
 Bambi Warden makes the roll call. 
 Ms Ces Myra Mabalot talked about 'The 4 Wonderful Opportunities'. 
Group discussion: A lot of the leaders happily volunteered as facilitators.  It was truly a fruitful Sunday!

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