Encounter God Retreat

Fri. & Sat., October 25-26, 2013

The Encounter Retreat is a weekend set aside with an intentional purpose to encounter Jesus. At this retreat, we learn how to deal with the things that are hindering us from growing in our spiritual faith. Unresolved issues, unforgiveness, unreleased pain and anger---all of these were surrendered at the cross.  Now, the chains of bondage have been broken.  Lives are radically changed.  There is new-found freedom to worship and to enjoy a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Father.  Lives will now be lived to the fullest.  God's benefits will now be fully enjoyed. There is now greater revelation of God's purpose for each life.  His grace and all His blessings will now be freely accessed.  

Armie Rose Casison, a college student at DMMMSU-MLUC has this to say---"I am now free like an eagle! No hurt feelings. I have been saved by the love of God.  I am forgiven!"

Anelia Apilado, a working mom, adds, "I love the encounter! The experience was so amazing! God really broke my hardened heart.  On to the Post-encounter!"  

Are you tired of living a defeated life with no meaning or purpose? Do you want change and experience real victory? Join us on our next Encounter God Weekend Retreat.  Once we encounter God, we will never be the same again.  That's a guarantee. 

Praise & Worship His greatness. He is worthy to be exalted. 

Armed and dangerous---the Encounter participants display their Bibles, notebooks, and pens

Tim and Bambi Warden discuss about raising a "Happy Family", where all needs are met. 

 Releasing inner hurts, unforgiveness,  and unresolved issues

 Breakout sessions

 Participants do  their daily S.O.A.P. (Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer)--- their personal time with God. 

 Tim Warden speaks about "A Father's Love" ---how limitless and boundless it is. The limitation is actually on us.  The question is: How much love can you receive from Him?

The Encounter God Retreat participants, volunteers, facilitators, speakers, and workers. TO GOD BE THE GLORY! 

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