Shoe-box Evangelism

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Shoe-box evangelism among children in poverty

International Christian organization, Samaritan’s Purse, selected us as an implementation partner for a program they have in the Philippines. Volunteers from churches in first-world countries like the USA pack a shoe-box full of small toys, hygiene and school supplies, etc. These gifts are then shipped to war-torn and poverty-stricken countries to be used in sharing the Gospel among school-age children.

We have chosen 100 needy Filipino children (outside of our church family) but that one or more of our members has already established a direct relationship with, and can more naturally follow-up on for the Bible study lessons that follow. None of the children know or expect that they will receive a gift when we invite them to a special program. So it is exciting and joyful to watch kids get surprised with an unexpected blessing from a loving Christian friend overseas whom they have never met before. This very dynamic is one of the points we use to explain God's undeserved gift of eternal life in Jesus Christ.

Would you join us in praying for both these children and us (the workers) during these events?
(Saturday 1:00pm Philippine time).

Prayer requests for the children:

a.  Receptive hearts and open minds (both kids and guardians)
b.  They will understand the Gospel, and see Jesus as the greatest gift to receive.
c.  They will encounter God, have fun, feel loved, and be grateful
d.  That they will return for a 10-week Bible study class
e.  Many kids and their families will become planted in the church

Prayer requests for the teachers & workers who will minster to the children over the next 3 months:

a. More workers who will commit to teach & mentor
b. Love, wisdom, strength for those who will minister to the kids and guardians
c. Boldness and clarity in sharing the gospel
d. Filled and led by the Holy Spirit
e. That Jesus be honored and glorified in all we do.
9-11 year old boys wait patiently to open their shoe-box gifts
Here is a short video that tells more about the shoe-box gifts, and how we use them for sharing Jesus with Filipino children.

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