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Single-Parenting Seminar at the Police Camp

The Philippine National Police-Regional Office 1 invited us to conduct a number of spiritual enrichment seminars on various topics which  cater to specific needs or problem areas they are having. The first seminar was conducted on July 26 and focused on the issues of single parenthood. Vikki opened the seminar with her personal testimony about battling with the stigma of being a single mom, and how she raised her child with God as her partner.   Tim shared a message about dependence solely on god and not on man.  Our validation should only come from God, and no one else.  He also shared that God's relationship with us is personal and customized.  One single mom with a 5-month old baby was brought to tears.  She laments the dreariness of her situation; but with the message brought by the SFCC team, she has new hope that God will turn it around. Vikki shares her personal testimony about being a single parent. Many were moved to tears as they listen to the sharing. T

Preparing for an Encounter with God

The Pre-Encounter teaching sessions got off to a good start.  Those who attended learned about 'Four Wonderful Opportunities' which no one should ever pass by. Other topics were about 'The Benefits of the Cross', 'The New Birth' and its benefits.  Meldan, a high school student, could not contain herself.  She said she learned a lot from the sessions and could not wait for part 2.  This is just the beginning and already, many are experiencing a personal encounter with Jesus.  It is without question that an encounter with Jesus is life-changing. Sadness disappears, pain dissolves, and depression is broken.  Let us continue to pray for more transformed lives, more renewed hearts, and more uplifted spirits.

90-Day Challenge

90-Day Challenge Officially Launched The 90-Day Challenge was officially launched last June 16.  Majority of the attendees and regular members registered.  All were eager to accept the challenges assigned to their levels.  The goal is to finish the tasks in their respective booklets within 90 days.  The end result is for each challenger to reach the next level. There are 4 levels. The first level is the Sheep Level or the Entry Level.  You are a sheep if you are an attendee.  This means you are being led, fed, and cared for by a shepherd.  The second level is the Deer Level.   Deer are the attendees who are cell group members.   They are active, eager to run with the vision, full of passion, and hungry for God’s presence.  The Lion Level is for those who are leading a cell group.  These are committed team or ministry leaders.  Like lions, they lead their packs and are caring and protective of their cubs.  Lions are hunters, and they hunt for souls.  Lastly, the Eagle Leve

Building a Playground

The first and only McDonald's play park for the children in the community Our shipment of donated McDonald's playground equipment finally arrived.  We want to create a safe, fun, and kid-friendly haven for the children.  However, assembly is taking its toll because of the lack of a manual. (It's also not as easy as it seems, as the pieces are large, heavy, and it goes way up high). Please pray that we can soon get the whole assembly pieced together and that families from all over the city will come to the church center enjoy the playground.

Reaching College Campus with a Message of Purity

The 'True Love Waits' Campaign Begins 'True Love Waits Campaign' is committed to impacting the youth by teaching them to remain pure in heart which will lead them to make the right choices-especially in the issue of sexual abstinence until marriage. Teen pregnancy in the Philippines has risen up to 65% in the last decade.  It is a problem that can no longer  be ignored.  The rise of easy access to information via the different forms of media is being blamed as  the number one culprit.  The world is being desensitized by television and website ads with blatant sexual overtones giving everybody the idea that it's okay to 'do' it because everybody else is doing it.  But if we look at the Truth, sexual relations is a holy and sacred gift by God given to a husband and wife.  The world's culture today mars the original plan and design of our Creator about sex. Moral purity has gone to the dogs.  True Love waits is designed to encourage moral purity by adh

Outreach to Juvenile Inmates

"Point your kids in the right direction- when they’re old they won’t be lost." - (Proverbs 22:6) Mark, 27, was a rebellious youth whose life was changed when he received Christ.  He was among those who volunteered to minister to the young detainees.  He shares that he thought he’s had the worst kind of life.  He realizes now that he is not alone and that he is glad that he met Jesus.  This became the major turning point of his life. The men of the church led by Tim Warden joined the 18 th Police Community Relations Month.  The group headed to the juvenile rehabilitation center in Bauang, La Union.  There, they performed evangelistic skits & mimes, and facilitated ice breaker activities.  They also led worship and shared their respective life-changing testimonies.  All these activities were geared toward leading inmates to initiate a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Christopher, 15, after participating in the outreach activity realizes that he is bless