Jeremiah Kingship & Mission Imprint in San Fernando

A Very Fruitful and Eventful January

We are off to a good start.  By the grace of God, January proved to be an eventful month.  The last weekend of January ended with a special guest speaker all the way from Pennsylvania, U.S.A.---Jeremiah Kingshipp, a missionary pastor.  Working for Mission Imprint, a Christian-based disaster-relief, non-profit organization, Jeremiah visited the Philippines to deliver water systems to villages and orphanages.  Mission Imprint’s mission is to provide the hope of Jesus Christ during hard times and to do it in ways that are lasting, relational, and that have eternal impact. Assisting him is 20-year old Vito de Carlo .  Together they visited the Yolanda victims.  They also graciously donated one water filter  to San Fernando Christian Community.  This center is sort of an oasis for people 24/7.  Neighboring kids and passers-by know that they could always come here to get a free drink of clean water any time of the day.  It is our joy to quench both the spiritual and the physical thirst.  And God has answered our prayers. Through this, the center will be able to reach out to more people. 
The water filtration lid signed by the students of Park Forest Middle School.  

Jeremiah preached  Ephesians 5:2  during the 3 weekend services (Extreme Saturday Jam at 10 am, and the 2 Sunday services---8:30 and 10 am) about "Walking In Love".  It was such a powerful and encouraging message.  If you missed it, listen to the full message here.   

In the afternoon, both missionaries joined the Sunday Mission sa Hapon.  Both reported during the post-mission huddle that they were blessed by the hearts and enthusiasm of the volunteer missionaries.  

Jeremiah praying for the congregation

Standing underneath the waterfall of God's love

Jeremiah and Vito share their wins and victories after the Sunday Mission sa Hapon

Post-mission huddle

They also lent a hand in assembling the McDonald's playground.  Their stay here has been truly maximized.  It really was a fruitful, eventful, and amazing weekend.  God has blessed us richly through these people.  Here's looking forward to their next visit. 

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