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So Proud of You- Sermon Jam

The multimedia team did of our church took some clips from a recent sermon and made a creative re-mix for them to share with others. It's in Taglish (English-Tagalog mix), but I thought that was pretty neat the way they put this together.

Baptism testimonies

JULY 2014 WATER BAPTISM Water baptism is a big decision. It is a public confession---a confirmation that one has decided to accept Jesus Christ as the only Savior and commit to follow Him forever.  It is a stand that one has come out of one life (the old life) and resurrected into another (new life).  Every last Sunday of the month is a joyous occasion. This is when Water Baptisms are regularly being held. This July, there were thirteen (13) people who made the decision to turn their lives over to Jesus.   Being baptized is also makes a statement of change---change of authority, change of lifestyle and old habits, change of mindset.  It is turning away from the old life and allowing Christ to lead you into becoming a new creation.  Baptism is like a wedding vow. We become the bride of Christ. We declare that sin no longer has dominion over us; now that we've come into the grace of God.   Tim Warden orients the 13 people about to be baptized.  " The Holy Spirit will

Water Baptisms

Thank God for open & receptive hearts among the Filipino people. *This video shows  last Sunday's baptism  of 13 souls who put on Christ in water baptism.

People Encountering God

This video clip was from a recent  Encounter God retreat , where new believers get set free from all types of sin & bondage. The love & grace of God is so real & relevant.