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Visitors Attending the Weekend Services

Weekend church services have an increasing number of guests attending. Christians are inviting their friends, coworkers, classmates, and relatives. Since our aim is clearly to "save souls and make disciples", guests are given the 'royal treatment' and are served both physically and spiritually.   Each and every soul is valuable to God, and  Mark 16:15  says, "  preach the gospel to all creation."     Therefore, no soul leaves without a valid opportunity to hear and receive the good news of Jesus Christ. Referred to as "VIP's" (very important person), guests are given a ticket to redeem for a small gift pack and a beverage. Before that, each is given a one-on-one explanation of the gospel message. This has been fruitful to win souls; and also to raise up more believers who are comfortable and effective at teaching the gospel . After the service, the guests are given the 'royal treatment'. Sharing the Good News of salvation