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Bambi's parents talk about her Christian faith

A BETTER HOUSE   While visiting San Fernando, Bambi's parents took time to talk about how they've seen her life prosper as a result of being a Christian and being planted in a church family.

More Souls Baptized into Christ

More Souls Baptized into Christ  This act of public declaration of being one with Christ is always greatly celebrated. Kate Galvez claims she has witnessed previous baptisms.  She took her time and finally, she feels now is the right time.  "May pinanghahawakan na ako na relationship with God," ("I already have a firm relationship with God.")  she declares. She expects changes in her life and aims to be more active in church. JP Julaton, 15,  sees his baptism as an act of leaving his past behind and is now ready to put his life in Jesus' hands.  He expects God to change him little by little. He will start with being obedient to his parents. 

Unforgettable Day of Water Baptisms

Unforgettable Day of Water  Baptisms   22 Feb. 2015 (Sun.) The fire of faith keeps burning as San Fernando Christian Community keeps up with God's vision for this church. After the recently-concluded umpteenth Encounter God Retreat, more and more souls are dedicating their new-found lives to Jesus.  In line with the culminating Family Fun Sunday celebration, a special Water Baptism Sunday was held at the SFCC grounds. The air was filled with resounding applause as one by one, people declared publicly their union with Jesus. Josh Rogie May Bautista decided to be baptized to seal her citizenship as a child of Jesus.  She feels new, refreshed, and has left the weight of her past baggages behind. Honorata Peralta is looking forward to her new beginning. After the Encounter, she is eager to start anew with her life with Jesus.  "I feel and know now that I am really a child of God."  She was so excited that she lost her balance jumping up and down at the pool. It would be

Our in-house Bible Training Academy

PEPSOL GRADUATION, March 1, 2015   Sunday, March 1, 2015 "Akala ko wala nang natitirang luha sa akin,"  ( "I thought I had no more tears left," ) quipped Napoleon Ramos, a participant of the latest Encounter God Retreat. When he was 7, he lost his dad. At that same time, his mom was battling stage 4 cancer.  It didn't stop there. In a series of unexplained events, he lost his uncle, his grandfather, his aunt, and his nephew in rapid succession.  Clearly, he was deeply traumatized by this.  But during the  "A Father's Love"  session in the Encounter Retreat, Naps felt the loving embrace of Jesus.  "I realized that Jesus was there with me all throughout those ordeals. My hardened heart was softened. This time, my tears are free to flow as I cry out to God. He has healed my broken heart."  "God has healed my broken heart." Naps Ramos shares after the Encounter God Retreat ________________________________________________