Still Expanding and Trying to Make Room for More

"Everytime I come here, there's always something new!", exclaims Ingrid, a senior college student on her semestral break from Ateneo. 
And that is true about San Fernando Christian Community Center.   The priority is people. SFCC makes sure that everyone is accommodated.  Not only that, SFCC ensures that everyone, whether a child or an adult,  feels safe and secure. After the Champion Kids' Hall expansion, the Building & Facilities Team are moving on to yet another project---the courtyard expansion. More space is being created to contain the throngs of people coming in all week, especially during the weekends.  It is the heart of SFCC to give quality experience for everyone who comes to visit.  The love of Jesus is communicated not only through the sharing of the Good News but through warm greetings, friendly smiles, firm handshakes, and sincere acceptance. 

At SFCC, there is always room for everyone.   

Clearing out to create more space and accommodate everyone. 

Added surprise. No wonder people come early and stay late. 

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