Filipino Youth Growing in Christ

Extreme Saturday Jam is named as such because it is, indeed, jammed with all sorts of activities.  It is also a casual gathering, a come-as-you-are weekly event.  Originally designed for the youth, the program is dynamic, interactive, and fun-filled. Of course, the message is the main part. But the attendees tend to come early and stay late due to the post-service activities and the bond that is formed among them. New attendees revel in the atmosphere of friendliness and fun. In turn, they bring their friends to experience this one-of-a kind atmosphere---one that is safe, positive, and encouraging. 

Come and experience it, too---every Saturday starting at 10 am. You won't regret it. 

Fun-filled teaching sessions that are practical, applicable, and life-changing

Post-service activities: clean fun that builds lasting friendships

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