Building an Overflow Hall

God has been actively moving in the church. More and more people have been pouring in and filling up  the SFCC Worship Hall to the brim. Every service is jam-packed with people worshipping and jostling each other, elbow to elbow, but worshipping and singing their hearts out nevertheless. It's deemed a good problem. As an answer to what God has entrusted San Fernando Christian Community, there is a desire to accommodate the growing number of attendees. Thus, the aptly-named Overflow Hall is currently being built. With this, there will be more souls saved, more lives touched, and more new people to call family. 

Above ground and reaching newer heights

Doing whatever it takes to make San Fernando Christian Community a safe, positive, and encouraging environment for everyone

Serving with gladness in their hearts for the Lord

 The LORD your God has blessed you in all the work of your hands. ---Deut. 2:7

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