Souls Saved & Changes by Encountering God

Another batch of Encounter participants excitedly hied off to the All Christians Pavilion Retreat 

Center at Poblacion Santol, La Union.  After 5 weeks of Pre-encounter sessions, the 

participants were eager for more.  And they did get more out of the 2-day Encounter God 

Retreat. In fact, they got so much more.  So many lives were radically changed---hearts were 

softened, minds were altered, and there was forgiveness all around.  Even the guides, 

volunteers, and workers experienced a 're-encounter' with God. So many tears were shed as 

pent-up anger, grudges, hurts, and sadness were released and left at the foot of the cross.  

Everyone left the retreat venue with hearts emptied of excess baggage and filled with the Holy 


Arriving at Santol

S.O.A.P. Time (S-cripture, O=bservation, A-pplication, P-rayer) 

Encounter sessions---emotion and spirit-filled

Lead me to the cross where Your love poured out...

Refreshed, redeemed, set free! Congratulations, new creations! 

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