Filipino Kids Seeking God

The much-awaited kids’ summer camp this year is dubbed ‘The Amazing G-Race: Kingdom Quest’. The theme revolves around Matthew 6:33 which instructs us to “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need".

The 3-day affair involved Extreme Challenge games, internship teachings, arts & crafts, singing, dancing, exercise, devotion time & star-gazing.  The jam-packed, fun-filled event is something that a ‘quester’ will never forget.   Primarily, the Kingdom Quest’s goal is to teach the principle of putting God first in one's life above anything else.  If we do so, everything---His favor, provision, and blessings will follow. 

Angenico Perez, a volunteer guide ( or ‘cavalier’, in line with the theme of the event) states that it is such a privilege to serve in the Kingdom Quest. “Kung ano yung love na ibinibigay ni God, naishe-share ko.  Kung ano yung talent na galing kay God, naishe-share ko sa kanila. Lahat ng nanggagaling kay God---yung overflowing love, care, at pagiging gentle sa mga bata, shine-share ko  sa kanila. ”     (“I am able to share God’s overflowing love, care, & gentleness.  I am also using my God-given talents to minister to these kids").  Angenico is flourishing and leading a victorious life and is currently serving in the SFCC Champion Kids' Ministry.  He has come a long way from being a shy, timid church member to an active one. 
Angenico Perez instructing the kids questers during arts & crafts time.

Israel  Lagon,  a father of one of the questers, Jeddy Lee,  admits that the event was life-changing.  “It’s a wonderful thing that these kids are aware that  God loves  them. Through the Kingdom Quest, these kids realize at a young age  how Jesus works in their lives.” He admits that he has already witnessed transformed lives from the first time he attended a service at  SFCC. “I see how these kids treasure the love of God. I appreciate the knowledge being taught to them.”
Israel, doting father to Jeddy Lee with his wife. 

Jomil, a ‘quester’, has learned how to read the Bible. Start 'em young and start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. (Prov. 22:6) 
 Fitz Hugene Mikitpikit has learned how to listen to God.  Fitz is  a precocious 10-year old who actively attends all church events and services. 
Fitz Hugene obediently following his guide on how to do S.O.A.P/devotion. (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) 

For the kids, Angenico has this to say: “This is just the beginning.  Finish strong and fight the good fight of faith. Go, go, go!”

The questers listen to Master Rizze as she teaches about "The 4 Wonderful Opportunities" 

Cavalier Vikki (guide) prays for each of  the questers under her wing. 

Productive and creative: Arts & Crafts time is one of the questers' favorite activities. 
Early birds: the questers rise and shine to the beat of  uplifting music.  

Finishing strong! Graduation Day with much fanfare. The parents who attended the culminating activity couldn't have been prouder. Go, Champion Kids! 

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