Finishing Strong with David Beebout


San Fernando Christian Community is blessed with divine connections. A few weeks ago, a special friend, Jeremiah Kingshipp was the special guest speaker during that weekend's three services.  Last night, February the 4th, we were again blessed with another anointed speaker, Pastor David Beebout. Coming all the way from Tulsa, Oklahoma, David is a missionary traveling to various countries like Costa Rica, Malaysia, and  the Philippines. With each visit to the Philippines, he makes it a point to drop by SFCC and speak his heart to the congregation.  More importantly, he speaks God's heart for the church.  This visit had him imparting fresh revelations about "Finishing Strong" with God's grace. 

Beebout's enthusiasm and excitement for what God is planning to do for the church this year was contagious.  Pretty soon, the fever had spread like bush fire throughout the congregation and there were resounding "yeah's" and "amen's".  
It was a Spirit-filled night and everyone went home with new hope for a year of greater favor and blessings from the Lord. 
Never a dull moment with this guy. He is such an animated speaker.
Everyone's hopes for a better year has been revived. Expect more from Him! Be favor-minded! 

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