Graduation is Just the Beginning

Sunday, 4 pm

It was a momentous occasion.  Excitement was in the air.  Everyone was in their Sunday best.  The participants of the Pre-encounter, Encounter, and Post-encounter were about to be given recognition for successfully finishing their respective sessions.  It was an authentic celebration, with the Post-encounter graduates wearing togas and diplomas being awarded to the graduates.  Certificates for excellence were also awarded to those who finished the course with flying colors.  But  the awards, the frills, and the fanfare---those were not as important as the outcome that was achieved through the PEPSOL sessions.  What was really celebrated was the breakthroughs, the brokenness, the changed lives.  John Mark Gallano and Emiric Lubian, both abandoned by their fathers, stood up and boldly shared their testimonies about how they were able to release forgiveness to their fathers.  The shackles have been broken.  Now they are free to bring their relationship with Jesus to newer heights.  

Congratulations, graduates!  On to the next level! 

 The excitement could not be contained. Lots of photo ops for posterity.
 The men of covenant---all graduates through determination, God's grace, and taho.

Budding women after God's heart

Not to be outdone---the women of courage. Learning has no age barriers. 

Waiting in line. Preparing for the victory march.

The Primary leaders

Ces Myra and her network

 Encounter graduates. You can tell by their smiles. 

Defying generation gaps.  Mother and daughter, both graduates. This calls for a double celebration. =)

Tim and Bambi Warden, Senior Pastor and PEPSOL Training Coordinator respectively

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