Expanding Territory

San Fernando Christian Community, also popularly known as the Champions Center, is currently undergoing an expansion of its grounds.  This is  to make room for the increasing number of attendees who come during the various services scattered throughout the week.  Aside from the services, another well-attended activity is the fellowship with one another. This is usually held at the courtyard. 

The jam-packed courtyard before and after the service

After the services, members and guests get to know more about one another and simply talk. This is  the time where people share with each other how God has been victoriously moving in their lives.  The center is considered as everyone's second home.  Everyone is well-accommodated, accepted, and loved. It is a comfortable atmosphere that is safe, positive, and encouraging.  It truly is a body where Christ is the head. 

Free snacks and free fellowship after the service

Is it in your heart to help complete the courtyard expansion? It doesn't take much.  All you have to do is to  buy 1 square meter or more of bricks. 40 bricks/sq.m= P400. Be part of the vision of the house. Be counted. We still need 5,683 bricks. If you wish to donate, just go to the Admin Office or look for Kristine Balcita 09092839530.
It takes 40 of these to fill a square meter.
Roseann Gallardo donated one square meter and has this to say:  "This is my home. I'm so blessed to see what  God  has done for me through SFCC.  God moved me to donate.  He wants me  to be a part of the fulfillment of His purpose. I just willingly obeyed. Imagine how happy the church would be if the courtyard expansion is finished. I can't wait to see kids running. I can't wait to see people having fellowship everywhere. They would come early and stay late because they feel safe and comfortable. There is no other place like SFCC.  This is a family.  We invest now for the generations to come." 

Kristine Balcita quickly set aside a part of her salary for a square meter of bricks.  She shares: "Ang nag-inspire sa akin to give is love. I love the house! I love SFCC!  SFCC is my family, SFCC is where I live. Joining sa "team of givers" gives me another great privilege and an awesome experience of God's love and blessing. I love the joy na naramdaman  sa pagbibigay. I'm so excited seeing the expansion ng courtyard, na makikita ko ang people enjoying the fellowship hours using the expansion ng courtyard, and seeing them get blessed and feel loved.   "
Kuya Rodel laying the bricks for the new courtyard
Step by step, bit by bit, stone by stone, brick by brick. 
Looking good. Let's help build it! 

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