The 90-Day Challenge

The 90-Day Challenger started with a bang and ended with a bigger bang.  Everyone was encouraged to learn new things and improve themselves.  The Challenge booklet holds 12 Categories of Growth.  In the Bible-reading Challenge, Dada Raquepo shares that she found it hard at first to get into the groove of reading the entire New Testament.  She developed a system of reading 5 to 7 chapters per day. Sticking to her system, she was able to read the entire New Testament days before the 90-Day Challenge ended!
In the Capacity Building category, Julie Madriaga took it to heart to finally learn how to ride a bike at the age of 22!
Dada asked her friends to coach her to dance the waltz and finally had enough courage to get up and dance at a Rotary function.
Ces Myra Mabalot resolved to learn how to cook this year and she went a level further by covering the Health Challenge category.  She learned to cook healthy veggie dishes and started running to keep fit.
Dhang Bumachi started a new ministry---the True Love Waits Campaign---a radical campaign teaching about the  revolutionary principles of true love.  Right now, her campaign is touching hundreds of young lives as the team goes from campus to campus sharing Bible-based principles on purity and waiting for the right time.
Tessie Marcelino and a lot of regular attendees are seriously evangelizing and winning souls.   A lot of young working adults have opened a savings account in answer to the Finances challenge.
Church attendance, another category, has greatly improved, and more and more guests are being invited and won for Christ.
Leaders are rising and increasing in numbers as they eagerly undergo training in the Pre-encounter, Encounter, and Post-encounter classes.  

It was a successful campaign that ended last Sunday, September 15.  But the learning does not end there. There is still more to learn, and definitely lots of room for more growth.  This is just the beginning.  
The 90-Day Challengers 

Julie Madriaga finally learns how to ride on two wheels
Dada Raquepo finished reading the entire New Testament within 90 days! Nothing is impossible! 
The body is a temple.
 Ces Myra Mabalot is running to keep a fit and healthy lifestyle.  

The birth of a new campaign---True Love Waits (spearheaded by Dhang Bumachi) invades the campuses---bringing the new category of 'cool'  to the young ones. 

Pre-encounter, Encounter, and Post-encounter training classes get everyone to a new level.  Every member is a leader.

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