Serious Bible Training

Who says that learning is confined within the four walls of a classroom? As long as we are still living, the process of learning does not stop.  Every believer is a leader. But gaining a position in the hierarchy does not make one 'self-made'.  The question is: Now that you are a leader, how will you  obtain what you are required to pass along? The Latin expression, "Nemo dat quod non habet," which simply means, "We cannot give what we do not have" rings true. Being a leader is not just relying on what you already know. A leader needs to be one step ahead of his members in any area.  A leader must constantly equip and arm himself and not just gear up when the battle is already at hand.  
We are happy to announce that our budding leaders have successfully completed the Pre-encounter and Post-encounter Sessions last Sunday, 20 October 2013.  The Post-encounter students underwent a final exam.  All of them stepped up to the challenge.  This weekend, the 27th of October at 4pm, the willing and teachable learners will be given recognition in a graduation ceremony.  Celebrate every victory as we move from one level of glory to the next.  Good job, Champions! Thank God for He sustains us! 

Willing to rise up to any challenge, our leaders-in-training valiantly underwent a crucial final exam---and emerged victorious. 

Some of the candidates for the PEPSOL Graduation. All glory to God! =)

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