Single-Parenting Seminar at the Police Camp

The Philippine National Police-Regional Office 1 invited us to conduct a number of spiritual enrichment seminars on various topics which  cater to specific needs or problem areas they are having. The first seminar was conducted on July 26 and focused on the issues of single parenthood. Vikki opened the seminar with her personal testimony about battling with the stigma of being a single mom, and how she raised her child with God as her partner.  Tim shared a message about dependence solely on god and not on man.  Our validation should only come from God, and no one else.  He also shared that God's relationship with us is personal and customized.  One single mom with a 5-month old baby was brought to tears.  She laments the dreariness of her situation; but with the message brought by the SFCC team, she has new hope that God will turn it around.
Vikki shares her personal testimony about being a single parent.

Many were moved to tears as they listen to the sharing.

Tim bring a message of new hope for single parents who feel desperate about their situation. 

Comforting the broken-hearted 

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