Another Opportunity to Save Souls

The Suji San Sung Church of South Korea headed by Kyu Sik Hwang visited San Fernando City. More than 60 delegates comprised the cast and crew members of their mission trip.  People trooped to the city sports complex to watch various Korean cultural dances. Korean martial arts demonstration, and Korean pop dances.  The highlight of the program was the praise and worship.  To the delight of many, the Koreans sang popular Filipino worship songs.
There was a short word from the main speaker in Korean, translated into Filipino. A lot of people came forward to ask for prayers.  Indeed, the need for the Lord is so great. We have to seize every opportunity to let the people know that there IS hope.
The San Fernando Christian Community seized that opportunity.  The tickets available were put to good use by means of inviting those who have yet to hear the Good News of salvation. Families from the mission areas were invited and brought to the event. They thoroughly enjoyed the show; but more than that, they came to know the love of Christ.  The Bible tells us to "make the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil." (Eph. 5:16) There is still a lot to be done; and the workers are few. Let every move we make be purpose-driven.  Make every step be towards winning souls.  
A Korean believer prays for our new friends

Rizze shares the Good News to our dear friends after the show 

Leading people in prayer, right there in the restaurant 

 Making a commitment to Christ Jesus

 Prayers from the heart

Celebrating the event with a simple meal and great fellowship---to God be the glory!

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